longest day, shortest night


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released June 20, 2016



Track Name: Ours
Before my heavens in the sky, my demons need to fall, I guess I seen it all, I need a shoulder I can lean towards, I need help or whatever that may mean to yall, you may be rich, but that sound, sound the cheapest dog, You say you living I can tell you never breathed before, My nigga this aint chess, this a sport, Imma say it from my chest boy you pork, niggas think they eating with no bev or a fork, it make no sense to put a pen in this war, I cut my palms and then I write these lyrics with a sword, you can see it in my spirit ay, see it in my core, I ain't here to share a plate, or do another nigga chores, put my negatives away, and put that euphemism forward, I been pedaling away so I could move the movement forward, getting shitty drunk and now i'm looting in the store, its so confusing to be poor , with rich minds, my nigga get behind you missed yours

How i'm s'pose to thrive in the city, whats a MIKE to a businessman named Billy, grab the mic, keep spitting and then chants came quickly like..
Track Name: Reach
Momma tryna keep me in the crib, but my conscience moving sneaky I'mma dip
Tying up the laces on the sneaker, I'm a cheesy little kid, English accent easy through the lips, pree me through the lisp, creepin' through abyss, I'm turning to man, but I don't understand why you reachin' for the chips, why you reachin' for the chips, blood sweat tears on the bleachers never quit, until the bucks come near, like their season in the six, sister in the room, she throwin' reefer in the ditch, but I don't understand, I don't understand, I'm turning to a man, scribble over scriptures, Jesus turn into a lamb, fire of the church, my sins is burning in my hands, School means success, my sister learning for a chance, how she spose to earn it if she cant, they told me plant ya seed, and watch it turn into your land, I'mma turn into a man
Track Name: mines
I, I just want to know, my skies they reach for you, im high, blood leak from nose , and I, and I just wanna know

3 thou on the bronx park east, sheep howl when the sun start peak, flee down on the one yard leap, yoruba and my son yardy, deep down on my corpse Ill breath, sunlight and of course Ill see, every course that the lord might bring, write that and record that ting, white girl dont recall that ting, night yells from a chord it sings,

I, I just want to know, my skies they reach for you, im high, blood leak from nose , and I, and I just wanna know

Straight off of burke, put my face in the dirt, and im laced with the work, one with the world, steady chasing the earth, chasing this bread, I been pacing for purse, so amazing it hurts, I hated penn station, then I figured that they hated
me first, they disgusted, my black face is like rubbish, these xans is black plaque in ya stomach, how the fuck you backtrace to be nothing, but fuck it, these niggas lack taste in they substance
Track Name: Girl
I'M just REALLY TRYNA FUCK, but thank God, I catch feelings like ya butt when we done, I swear I see tomorrow in the Sun, everyday be getting brighter, but there's sorrow in his son, I seen your face and fell inlove, I seen the pavement turn to dust, before my hands, I had to snatch the buck before it ran, so everytime I rap I look disgusted and my band right behind me, so nigga jump ship if you can, the pumpkin hit he stage, dumb lit off the yams, jumpin in the sage, writing scripts in the sand, every flip of the page, another glimpse in the span, put some drip in my walk, so she would slip and she would land, in dismissal of these grands,
I needed one so I got one, I''m just a flame in the hot sun,
and you mad because you not one

in dismissal of these grands, I had to issue up a plan, and bust a tissue from my glands, Im hardly breathing but I stand, they like Mikey what you talking, Im just speaking for my mans, the gas leaking out the cannister, im brain smart, ya boy coulda went to banneker, but fuck it boy i'm lazy with some luggage that could damage ya, catch me out in public, in my bag, or in my birkin, girl i fell inlove before I first hit, and you can find the evidence and clues inside these verses, so baby tell me if its worth it,
Track Name: 40 STOPS
I see it in you, I see a God, City of sons, city is dark, insidous art, grittiest parts, black as revolvers that tear me apart, Pack me a soda and
marry a cart, 40 stops then I depart, 40 stops then I depart, straight from the park, uptown bound, nigga dont touch that ounce, niggas gon dust this pound, my niggas just work no lounge, im feeling perfect now, didnt go to purchase wow, blade make the purchase sound, as I hurt this clown, you copied your mans you got worthless clout, it really aint worth shit bro, you cleaning your purses out, yea, you aint really ouchea, hell is still coming but this time it sound near, coming for all of the people the ground share, manhattan or brooklyn but nobody coming around here

40 stops then i depart, 40 stops then i depart, theres more to this world, so why would i shoot for the stars, you looting it all,

Track Name: vegtables ft. Jonny U & Jesse Brotter
Mike : It's either you fam you food, it's only my mans in the room, I do this dance for the sun, with both of my hands on the moon, alotta you niggas is trash, I guess I'm extending the broom, I did this work all alone, please stop pretending its you, I spent some days in my room, so I could present this to youth, my boys need a ring this year, I need a letterman too, youngest in the game right now, but i'm making veteran moves, I need that guaca right now, smellin' like mexican food, fuck I just said food twice, boy i'm a star in the blue night, boy i'mma bar if the mood right, noisey my bars when the tune hype, you spitting but you aint really move Mike, when you on stage you dont move Mike

Jonny U : Now that Mikey set the mood right with food twice, far out gimme two slices, who's nice as this? who writes like this? U paid his dues on used mics or slightly preowned, rightly he owns all the steaks, y'all fight for meat bones, write and rewrite rhymes the reflex time is tight like ice to knee bones. I just said bones twice, roll this track like pits to Old Spice, golden flow just pissed and missed the bowl, mister old guy, fists of coal hot furnace burnin might preach a sermon on demon worship this evil wordsmith will have you askin fore you open that trap go to spittin that rap is it even worth it.
Track Name: boiling point
Stuck beneath my goals, digging out the hole like a barrel and the smoke, if you think i fear you than you bold, i'm comparable to cold, man ya niggas need respect and some theraflu to go, ain't no therapeutic flows, when you hear the dude compose
and I been running from the jakes, I got some emeralds to glow, I pray that I'm memorable when old, visions of my past got my temple moving slow, I need a medal with some gold, I steady pedal in these roads, I'm ready for confetti, spittin' heavy till I choke, he said I'm like a yetti holding coke, cause you don't even know if its the yetti or the coke, stumble off my papa henny, ready to explode
Track Name: butter fingers
Alborosie :

policeman and souljah haffi stop pressure natty dreadlock
policeman and souljah haffi stop pressure natty dreadlock

well mr brown weh yuh deh pon
I know exactly my rights
Im not trying to take you fi fool
Its nine oclock in the night
Mi just a walk mi no look fi no trouble
In new york city
But of course there is some problem cause
Cause Im natty natty

policeman and souljah haffi stop pressure natty dreadlock
policeman and souljah haffi stop pressure natty dreadlock
policeman and souljah haffi stop pressure natty dreadlock
policeman and souljah haffi stop pressure natty dreadlock


Look at my face and my features, dark as the shade on my sneakers, stuck in this place and I need ya, last year worried bout reapers, hungry aint no way to eat up, now I aint worried bout neither, you hear me growl through the speaker, I need it now, I need ether, I needa crown on my clean cut, hurry around me the preacher, you gained your script from ya pastor, I got my script from my past year, packing my shit for the rapture, learnt how to drip when I pass ya, boy you an skit you an actor, that watch might slip offya wrist, running we off with ya shit, I want it, I get it, I take it, Shout out my mans in ends them, turning you pigs into bacon, the prize is just all for taking, so Illl be dumb if im waiting

early bird get the worm first thats a fact, so I dont even sleep, im always working on these raps, these shitty days wont ever last, I wish the city paid me in cash, yall made me an ass
Track Name: child soldiers
Tacuma :

I can't even stand the smell of you niggas, eating all summer wasn't frail in the winter, need meat around them bones whene the hale come to hit cha, spells from the witch looking pale in the picture, trails from the stench lead your tail to the center, I never bail, I'm a winner, Christian bale in a spinner, slinging shells at a villain, phone fulla numbers that I fail to remember, holy with the bars, I raised in December

just alittle bit of must, fist riddled full of cuts, burning in the midsummer sun,

its like im one feet beneath my goals, one feet to hit the ball and reach the goal, dumb sheep the type to follow for your gold, the shit turn to glitter when it swallow up your soul, it sucks being hollow being broke, questioning your future but tomorrow never knows, my heart is something borrowed from my
home, I faced all them sorrows all alone, faith been a product of my own, I been barking for a bone, Im a DOG, AND IM DARK, IN THE DARK,

War :
If i dont go to purchase, Imma purchase it all, spit from the lungs till it hurt when i cough, learnt from the courts where i learnt how to ball, learnt how to judge, then i learnt how to fall, you was burning bridges, we was burning the law, searching for the sermon in the songs, you burglarized art then you murder my dogs, imma bird in the night, as I fly in the fog, spending my
time getting lost, hitting the mic on my jaw, dribbling light in the fourth, quarter to buy me a slice or a bar, i put myself in this war, you put yourself in this war, my parents did nothing at, my knuckles they bleeding from walls, my knuckles they bleeding from war
Track Name: Green River ft. 6press
SIXPRESS : i just wanna medicate
17 and bet he make, 365 a steady pace
forget im living everyday, they try to get a man erased
try to get the pennies raised, if not your rep disintegrates
but cant relate to standard ways im searching for where answer lays, i serve important stanzas mane, standing ovation, animals racing for what they thought and taught where the top, they damage yo' patience

MIKE : Ion even be knowing how im feeling, these shows like gold to my fillings, if I hit the road broke I'm stealing, that's a fact, King got a tool if he pull it out his bag that's a problem, knock 'em, he leave 'em leaking like the trash, I be creepin' on the ave, preein' for a lick, you be preein' for some ass, you was sleepin on the kid I soon be chiefin' like my dad, blood seapin' through the vans, I was headed for my future, i was walkin' from my past, that's a journey, my nigga Baird burning up a pack of that earthly, I know they turned around collapsed when they heard me, I know they turned around collapsed when they..
Track Name: teeth
Some days I feel like im lazy, Some days i feel like I made it, look what this rap shit had made me, I know that some niggas shade me, im praying for that as of lately, pressing my foot on the pavement, she looking like that aint my baby, face is just full of amazement, Some days man I feel like the greatest, some days man i feel like i aint shit, i scribble my name on the painting, entitle myself to the pain, its the tidal repel from the rain, Michael a helluva name, Michael an angel inside, I guess he fell for the fame, I guess he is selfish again, I put my health in this pen, I put a cell in my brain, I put my self on the page, I take my wealth to this grave, I take this L to the face, I don't take L's I'm a great, that is not up for debate, i left some crumbs on your plate, niggas is starving they front like they ate, slept on the floor where that comforter laid, resting my stomach would ache, i just been running days, I just been running for days, I fell inlove with today

looking from the outside in, at the hands and the mouth i sin, I ain't leave the house in a year, just a man on the couch right here,
every sound that I hear, rebound from my fears,and astounded I stare, 40 ounce of the beer, and my allowance is shared, by the ones I allow to be near, e, over these hours repair, my health, my life and fatigue, myself I lie to my needs, slime on my teeth, wake up in the morning just complying to breath, another man in this earth who am I trying to be, im the only one who's lying to me,
Track Name: SANDMAN
Alotta niggas love to talk but never do, like how you skipin tryna be inside the loop, im going through some shit I guess I'm steppin in my stool, I been finessinin my school, I feel bad, but my nigga boolie said its bool, its like a movie every move, if he know me,then he knew me from the 2, running in the field, stealing booty from the tombs, you niggas fruity as the loom, my nigga groovey got the boom, spitting loogies on a tune, turn your sunni to a broom, if you screwing with the troops, I can see it, I maneuver for the loot, all that internet speakin', your computer doesn't shoot, it's like bermuda on the stoop, cause once you go inside, you ain't never coming back

the same PUMAS on my feet, them same rumors seem discrete, they ain't ever get to me
Track Name: Discovery
Theres black kids dying in your face, but you worried bout some niggas that be dancing in the train, you got a bag of Special K, but they been baggin Special K, they whole
uptown got indicted in a day, and I was frightened but I stayed, theres too many niggas tht be braggin bout they cake, , it dont even matter bout what happens at the lake, walking up a mountain fulla snakes, done showing love, i been drowning in the hates, for some pounds, you surrounded by my mates, laid, lounging at the gates, pray, say i hope the ones who wish death upon
me reach the ground and decay, i just spit into the mic and watch the sound go a stray, in a boundless of plain, i work too hard for these niggas to amount to the same, and if they reach my goals im drowning in shame,

Graduation I'll be speaking for my class, we did alot, we didn't think that we could pass, had to stay late, it reach 8 by the ave, face of fatigue, and plate of fulla sad, jake look at me and see the same way as my dad, greatness could be a thing of the past, so why the fuck we running from our past, i was gunning the first, you was you running for the last, i guess it mean something to us all, I need this, I need that, but I don't need nothing if its coming from moms, I needa get it on my lone, mommy out there stressing on her own, she told me I impress her with the tone, I was raised in a village thinking I could never be alone, and that was dumb of me I know, pick my feet out the puddle and I grow, new york cold with the bubble in the snow, never in a huddle with my foes, never mix the hustle with the boast, boofy hit a lick, and now his buckle lookin gold, goofy with the shits, tryna cause trouble with the bros, get strong from the muzzle to your toes
Track Name: Rise
I heard you seen a demon in my eyes, sickest since the semen spitting dipped between her thighs, I been tripping for a prize, I'm addicted to your lies, i never hit it overtime, and I got into some shit I guess I'm switchin' up my dime, I guess I did enough, i guess she dippin' out this time, and I ain't hear from her, that's why i'm tripping through these lines, i'm inna district fulla slimes, and you can't pivot all the time, i'm writing writtens for my moms, and some writtens for my mind, and we she left I guess it took abit of shine

Look into my eyes and you can see it all, you can see the city, you can see it fall.
Track Name: rapture ft Jonny U and Maxy and the Beefcakes
deez nuts